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Flipped Classrooms: Learning in the 21st Century

In a growing digital world, the traditional classroom is constantly being challenged to meet the needs of the 21st-century learner. Frequently, this means adapting teaching methods to digitally reach learners. Today's classrooms are adopting a blended learning model where traditional teaching meets digital teaching. Flipped classrooms are a form of blended learning that reverses the traditional structure of learning. The flipped classroom model follows the following sequence of learning:
1.) Prior to coming to class, and at home, students view information to prepare for class. This is often the direct instruction that a teacher would present at the beginning of a lesson.
2.) Students then come to class and put their work into action. This is what would be the independent practice component of a traditional lesson.
3.) Finally, outside of class students complete activities which extend learning. This is the assessment of the lesson.
Initially, flipping a classroom can seem very overwhelming because it forces teachers to think differently about how information is presented. The difference is how information is presented and where students are completing their work. Research has shown that the flipped classroom model is very beneficial for different level learners in classrooms because learning is self-directed and self-paced. This Webreel contains many resources and tools for flipping a classroom.

Flipgrid Flipgrid is a platform where students can record their response to a discussion question posed by their teacher. They can, also, create video responses to their classmates' posts.
Locker Shelf With a wire locker shelf, turn your smartphone or tablet into a document camera. Great for recording example math problems.
10 Edtech Tools for the Flipped Classroom The site contains a list of 10 tools and descriptions to flip your classroom.
How To Create A Quiz in Google Forms This brief YouTube video demonstrates how to use Google Forms to create a self-grading quiz.
Flip Your Classroom Book by Jonathan Bergmann and Aaron Sams, the brains behind flipped classrooms, which offers suggestions on how to flip your classroom.
Flipped Learning Jonathan Bergmann and Aaron Sams discuss what happens after you flip your classroom and how to address student engagement.
Flipped Learning for Elementary Instruction Jonathan Bergmann and Aaron Sams' book on flipping the elementary classroom.
The Primary Gal: Inside My Flipped Classroom! Blog post by The Primary Gal and how she flipped her classroom instruction.
12 Tools for Creating Flipped Classroom Lessons Blogger Richard Byrne offers 12 tools to use when creating flipped lessons.
Flipped Classroom: Beyond the Videos Blog which contains a graphic showing different tools to utilize for various levels of Bloom's Taxonomy.
Nearpod Nearpod is a tool to take an ordinary slideshow presentation and make it interactive.
The Transformational Potential of Flipped Classrooms - Education Next : Education Next This website describes, in detail, the flipped classroom model as well as the benefits for students and teachers. This edutopia blog discusses the pros and cons of the flipped classroom model.
Flipping the Classroom Center for Teaching Vanderbilt University Cynthia J. Brame, from Vanderbilt University Center for Teaching, discusses the flipped classroom and how the model addresses varying levels of Bloom's Taxonomy.
Using Google Classroom to Flip Your Lessons - The Tech Edvocate Article describing how the Google Classroom can be used to flip lessons.
How to Flip a Classroom Infographic Infographic which shares the basics of how to flip a classroom.
Flipped Classroom Model: Why, How, and Overview - YouTube You Tube video which outlines the why, how, and overview of flipped classrooms.
Blended learning & flipped classroom - YouTube YouTube video which discusses the blended learning model and flipped classrooms.
Designing a Flipped Class Lesson - YouTube Jonathan Bergmann describes how to design a flipped lesson in this YouTube video.
The Flipped Classroom - Education Next : Education Next Two teachers share their experiences and success using the flipped classroom model.
Edpuzzle Make any video your lesson by embedding activities into video. Great way to ensure student engagement during a video.
Kahoot! Kahoot! increases student engagement by having students answer questions in competition with their classmates.
Kahoot! for Homework YouTube video explaining how Kahoot can now be assigned for homework.
Screencastify Free screen recording extension offered by Google Chrome.
Screencast-O-Matic Another free screen casting software which allows other features not offered by screencasting.
Quizizz Quizzizz is very similar to Kahoot, however, it is student paced.


There are 2 comments in this webreel.


Bill Haig posted on 11/02/2018 09:50

Nice Work!

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Jeri L. Jeffcoat posted on 10/20/2018 16:31

Hi Emily,
This is a great collection. My school is currently encouraging our teachers to at least try flipping their classrooms. Do you mind if I share this with some of our teachers? Thank you for sharing!

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