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Customer Discovery Process

In short, at the core of the process is the Business Model Canvas (first doc in Reel). This is a layout of your Business on one page. It allows you to create hypotheses (potential business moves, product offerings, new customers, so on), test them, and then adjust the Canvas as needed. You start with the Canvas and always come back to here after every iteration to adjust and adapt.
The next document is the Agile Customer Discovery Loop. It is the big picture loop to follow to find and exploit new customers.
The rest are individual documents used to really learn about the customer and their goals. I give a summary under each one.
One important note- When doing interviews, it is important to try to get the absolute decision maker in on the actual interviews (if possible). Leaders need to see first hand what customers are saying or they won't believe it/ be as likely to fix it.

We would start by filling out the canvas to the best of our ability. Based on things you already know from your experience as an organization. Some of it would be a guess, but it is just a starting point. We would then go start-interviewing customers based on the hypotheses in the Canvas. We find out if our ideas are good/bad and you adjust until we have a great product-market fit.
Simultaneously, we are gathering any other public data that currently exists and make sure it matches what we are trying to do. This becomes a never-ending process that will allow us to Build, Measure, and Learn while staying agile and lean.
There is a lot more to this process, but this is a great starting point. I have a lot of videos and how-tos that coincide with all of this, so if you need more just let me know.

Business Model Canvas This is the backbone of the process. It lays out the entire Business on one sheet. This is the sheet you come back to after every iteration to adjust as needed.
Business Model Canvas (Blank) This is a blank Canvas to fill out if needed.
Agile Customer Discovery Loop This is a big picture of the process for customer discover/ new business or product implementation.
Interview Guide Worksheet.pdf Not a very good sheet. But a way to organize hypotheses to test and track responses. It is a fine starting point.
Customer Archetype Profile.pdf One of my favorite sheets. This is where you lay out exactly what you think your customer looks like. A fake picture and everything. It is a really good way to guy decisions. When making a choice you look at this sheet and ask would this person use/buy?
Customer Ecosystem Worksheet.pdf This sheet is a way to track all the people around your customer (Decision Maker) who may be influencing their decision to buy or use.
Early Adopter Customer Worksheet.pdf Very basic sheet to layout what your early adopter looks like. In your all's case we may bypass this.
Initial Target Customer Worksheet.pdf This is a great sheet to decide which market/ segment to even get started with. Its like a weighted pros and cons list of segments to go after.
Channel Economics Worksheet.pdf A quick overview of the cost and channel to reach a customer.
Value Proposition Canvas Worksheet.pdf This form itself is kind of annoying, but the idea is the most vital step in the entire process. It is finding your true value prop. This means knowing what problem you solve and for what customer.
Customer Relationships Worksheet.pdf This is a quick guide to Customer Acquisition Cost and Lifetime Value
Activities - new Worksheet.pdf A list of activities required for execution
Revenue Worksheet.pdf How to make money from your customer. Again this is a step you all have probably already completed, but always good to keep in mind.
Partners Worksheet.pdf Any partners you will need and the relationship required.
Resources w Human Worksheet.pdf Resources needed to execute new plan
Costs Worksheet.pdf Cost needed for execution


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