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Digital Citizenship

This Webreel has been created to assist classroom teachers, school librarians, and parents with educating children about digital citizenship. Children today have access to so much information on the web. They are connected to the world and others at the click of a button. It is our responsibility to help them develop good citizenship in the virtual world. Just as a parent teaches a small child to look both ways before crossing the street or not trust strangers that approach them in the park, we need to help children become aware of proper procedures when using the computer. Many children do not understand that you might be alone when using the computer, but you are not truly alone. We must teach them to be kind, show respect, and think before you act when using the internet. In this Webreel, you will find videos for parents, teachers, and children, as well as helpful articles, and standards with lesson plans for teaching these skills.

What Is Digital Citizenship? - YouTube Updated Digital Citizenship Video! Learn more at, get the digital citizenship curriculum at
What is Digital Citizenship? (Parent Guide) - YouTube Learn more: Join Parent University here: Join our nex...
3 Basic Digital Citizenship Standards All Educators Should Know and Teach | EdTech Magazine Educating students about online interactions and safety is important, but so is educator understanding of what it means to be a digital citizen.
Digital Etiquette - BrainPOP In this educational animated movie about Technology learn about online manners, courtesy, respect, the internet, and trolls.
Lessons On Digital Citizenship From Charlie Brown | Marialice Curran | TEDxYouth@BHS - YouTube Digital citizenship centers around the safe, savvy, and ethical use of technology. In her uplifting talk, Dr. Marialice Curran draws upon her experience as a...
Digital Citizenship and You! - YouTube Grom Social creator Zach Marks talks about the life changing effects social media can have on our lives and how to be safe and smart on...
Be a Digital Citizen - YouTube What is digital citizenship and how does it affect you? [EDIT] Please feel free to incorporate this for presentation purposes. Honestly this was something I ...
Digital Citizenship: Resource Roundup | Edutopia Check out Edutopia's collection of articles, videos, and other resources on internet safety, cyberbullying, digital responsibility, and media and digital literacy.
Education World: Help Kids Become Responsible Digital Citizens These tips help educators prepare young people for responsible technology use, both within and outside of the classroom.
30+ Digital Citizenship Resources for Every Teacher Check out this list of digital citizenship resources and tools for every type of educator. There's over 30 useful resources to explore.
Digital Citizenship This is a website helping define the issues of appropriate technology use. It provides a framework of nine elements for users to better understand the issues.
Curriculum Digital Citizenship | Common Sense Media Digital Citizenship Curriculum videos. Helpful resources and tips for educators to teach students about Digital Citizenship.
Digital Citizenship Responsibilities - Social Media Guidelines - New York City Department of Education Parents and teachers must support students in using the internet safely, responsibly, and appropriately. 
Digital Citizenship Lessons for the Library Create digital citizenship lessons that help students learn to act safely and responsibly, with courtesy and respect, in the digital world.
Digital Citizenship at CMS | Mighty Little Librarian Mighty Little Librarian - Librarian Tiff's Blog
Cyber Civics-Digital Citizenship Literacy Curriculum Cyber Civics is a turnkey digital citizenship and literacy program for middle school students. Includes curriculum, plus support for parents and teachers.
Digital Citizenship Weekly Plan - Resources (CA Dept of Education) The weekly plan of events for Digital Citizenship week which provides Resouces and Family Resources links in English and Spanish.


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