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Cecelia Kotolski's Rep 15 Program

dotFIT Store With support from NASM, Neal Spruce and team created dotFIT, a complete nutrition and exercise resource for consumers and the fitness industry.
Introduction Video: START HERE Welcome to the Rep 15 Strength Training Program! Start here with a quick video overview of how to use the program and the methodology.
Day1: Rear Deltoid Fly Prone position, single arm flat bench hug, opposite arm rear deltoid fly. Fly at a 150 degree angle not laterally! Start with 20 lb dumbbell.
Day 1: Seated Upright, Around the World Seated upright, around the world. Start with dumbbells at your side with the palms facing out. Raise directly overhead keeping the elbows slightly bent through lift. Begin with 10 lb dumbbells.
Day 1: Single Arm, Dumbbell, Forward Forearm Flip Backs Single arm, dumbbell, forward forearm flip backs. Keep your elbow down on top pad of flat bench. Opposite hand on your hip for stable balance. Lower dumbbell 80% to touching the bench before retracting to original position. Adjust the incline of the bench based on your height. Begin with 15 lb dumbbell.
Day 1: Incline Bench, Frontal Raise Incline bench 45 degrees, frontal raise. Bring feet together to prevent swiping leg with weights. Keep elbows slightly bent. Raise to chest level bringing dumbbells together. Begin with 15 lb dumbbells.
Day 1: Lateral Dumbbell Fly Lateral dumbbell fly. Kick hips back. Bring feet together with a slightly forward lean for proper back alignment. Begin with 15 lb dumbbells.
Day 1: Elbow Flaring Upward Row Feet shoulder width, elbow flaring upward row. Raise both dumbbells up together to chin. Begin with 20 lb dumbbells.
Day 2: Dumbbell Reverse Grip Chest Press Dumbbell reverse grip chest press. Standing with your feet slightly wider that shoulder width, bring two dumbbells together keeping your elbows raised parallel to the floor. Begin with 20 lb dumbbells.
Day 2: Wide Arm Push Up Wide arm push up. Spread arms about 1.5 x shoulder width and legs as wide as tuck the balls of your feet into the floor. Keep your fingers pointed forward.
Day 2: Flat Bench Bridge, Dumbbell Pull Over Flat bench bridge, dumbbell pull over. Bridge across the flat bench keeping your shoulders supported. Keep your elbows from flaring while pulling dumbbell from over your head down to your belt.
Day 2: Seated, Dumbbell Open High Chest Fly Seated, dumbbell open high chest fly. Keep your feet together and lower back against the bench. Start with both weights resting on your thighs together.
Day 2: Incline Bench, Single Arm Alternating Push Up Incline bench, single arm alternating push up. Split your stance with the bench. Keep one arm behind your back. Landing in the center with a straight wrist, lower your chest down to the bench .
Day 2: Right, Left, Double Dumbbell Chest Press Right, left, double dumbbell chest press. Keep elbows slightly bent. Sequence of five totals 15.
Day 2: Chest Dips Chest Dips. Set the handles to the widest option. Slightly lean forward and tuck your chin looking at the bottom of the wall. Your grip should be at the backend of the handles. Allow your chest to travel and keep your elbows from flaring.
Day 3: Cable Pulley Station, Kneeling, Single Arm Lat Pull Cable pulley station, kneeling, single arm lat pull. Keep your opposite hand on your hip to help keep your body square. Drive your elbow behind your back. Begin setting the cable to 20 lbs.
Day 3: Cable Pulley Station, Low Row Seated, cable pulley station, low row. Feet together fully extended sitting upright. Grab hold of both handles and row through keeping your elbows as close to your sides as possible. Begin setting the cable to 60 lbs.
Day 3: Leg Elevated, Cross Body Deadlift to Lawnmower Row Single leg elevated, cross body deadlift to lawnmower row. Line dumbbell up over planted foot. Keep one arm behind your back to engage core. Lower your hamstring down 80% to parallel reaching for the dumbbell across your body. Turn dumbbell 90 degrees keeping your elbow as close to your side as possible through row. Begin with a 20 lb dumbbell.
Day 3: Chair Sit Position, Iso Curl to Reverse Grip Mid Row Chair sit position, iso curl to reverse grip mid row. Keep your dumbbells together on the curl. Keep your knees tracking over your ankles. Slight forward lean. Begin with 15 lb dumbbells.
Day 3: Single Knee, Single Arm Dumbbell Row Single knee, single arm dumbbell row. Place non-lifting hand at the end of the bench and the same side knee at the opposite end. Bring planted heel the the back of the bench extending your back across. Tuck your chin looking at the bottom of the wall. Keep elbow as close to your side as possible through row. Begin with 35 lb dumbbells.
Day 3: Dumbbell Deadlift Dead Lift. Line dumbbells up together with your feet centered with the handles. Leaning forward, lower your hamstrings down 80%. Tuck your chin looking at the bottom of the wall. Make sure your knees are tracking over your ankles. Finish the lift without thrusting your hips forward. Begin with 50 lb dumbbells.
Day 3: Chair Sit Position Dumbbell Mid Row Chair sit position, dumbbell mid row. Keep your knees tracking over your ankles and hamstrings 80% parallel to the floor. Lean chest slightly forward. Turn dumbbells 90 degrees driving your elbows through as close to your sides as possible. Begin with 15 lb dumbbells.
Day 4: Flat on Back, Alternating Cross Body Bow to Knee Flat on back, alternating cross body bow to knee. Two second pause between repetitions. Extend your opposite leg fully to six inches off the ground. Keep your shoulders elevated.
Day 4: V Sit Russian Twist V Sit Russian Twist. Slightly lean back elevating knees to V position. Interlock your hands twisting side to side. Keep feet six inches off the floor.
Day 4: V Sit Extensions Knees in and out V Sit Extensions Knees in and out. Slightly lean back and elevate your knees to a v position. Extend legs fully keeping your feet slightly off the ground. Drive your knees back into your chest. Keep your palms down facing forward. Keep your elbows from flaring.
Day 4: Abdominal Hip Thrust Flat on back, legs raised together, abdominal hip thrust. Keep your arms at your side. Do not roll onto your back. Keep head and neck relaxed.
Day 4: Alternating Straight Leg Raises Alternating straight leg raises. Keep lowered leg six inches off the floor. Pause for two seconds between each repetition. Flex foot of raised leg towards face to improve flexibility.
Day 4: Feet Stacked, Side Plank Reach High to Under Feet stacked, side plank, reach high to under. Balance by lining your forearm up with your shoulder.
Day 4: Plank Ups 1x1 Plan ups 1x1. Keep your rear down to engage your core. Keep your elbows even with your chest. Modified version may be done from your knees.
Day 4: Swiss Ball Bridge to Leg Curl Swiss ball bridge to leg curl. Lay flat on back with your forearms down on the floor. Bridge your back up off the ground keeping your shoulders down. Roll the Swiss ball driving your knees to your stomach before returning to extension.
Day 4: Toe Touches Flat on back, legs up together, toe touches.
Day 5: Single Knee, Single Arm Flex To Reverse Hammer Single knee down on flat bench, single arm dumbbell flex to reverse hammer. Start in flex and shorten up the tricep kickback. Bring your heel to the back leg of the bench allowing your body to extend keeping your back flat across. Begin with a 25 lb dumbbell.
Day 5: Cable Pulley Station, Tricep Pull Down Extension Cable pulley station, tricep pull down extension. Start in a staggered stance slightly bent at the knees. Pull the cable rope down and away from your body upon extension. Set your cable at 30-40 lbs.
Day 5: Diamond Push Ups Diamond push ups. Bring hands together in the shape of a diamond with thumbs and pointers touching directly under chest.
Day 5: Alternating Dumbbell Hammer Curls Feet shoulder width, alternating dumbbell hammer curls. Keep elbows slightly bent. Keep knees slightly bent. Begin with 15 lb dumbbells.
Day 5: Kettlebell Forearm Curl Feet shoulder width, kettlebell forearm curl. Keep elbows tight to body curling weight from your belt to your chin. Begin with 30 lb kettlebell.
Day 5: Catchers Curls Catchers position dumbbell bicep curls. Keep weights together throughout lift. Keep knees tracking over ankles and back upright to engage core. Keep hamstrings parallel to floor. Begin with 15 lb dumbbells.
Day 5: Bodyweight Floor Dips Bodyweight floor dips. Keep palms down, hands facing forward. Keep elbows from flaring and feet flat.
Day 5: Chair Sit Cross Body Curls Chair sit, cross body curls. Keep knees tracking over ankles. Keep chest upright to engage core. Begin with 25 lb dumbbells.
Day 5: Swiss Ball Bridge Iso Bicep Curls Swiss ball bridge, isometric bicep curls. Keep neck and shoulders supported on Swiss ball isolating the biceps. Curl to shoulders. Begin with 25 lb dumbbells.
Day 6: Triple Knee Dip To Dumbbell Shoulder Press Triple knee dip to dumbbell shoulder press. Keep your elbows from flaring putting emphasis on your core. Begin with 15 lb dumbbells.
Day 6: Alternating Dumbbell Cross Body Curl, Inside Hammer Curl To Front Squat Alternating dumbbell cross body curl, inside hammer curl, to front sqaut. Keep your core up with your knees over your ankles. Begin with 20 lb dumbbells.
Day 6: Alternating Step Up to Kettlebell Chest Press Alternating step up to kettlebell chest press. Come down with the same leg you went up with. Press the kettlebell up & out. Begin with 25 lb kettlebell.
Day 6: Cable Pulley Station, Squat To Alternating Top Shelf Torso Twist Cable pulley station, squat to alternating top shelf torso twist. Begin in the squat position with your knees tracking over your ankles and your hamstrings parallel to the floor. Begin setting the cable to 25 lbs.
Day 6: Dumbbell Resistant Lateral Leg Raise Dumbbell resistant lateral leg raise. Start with the feet together and the dumbbell resting on the outside of the thigh. Begin with a 15 lb dumbbell.
Day 6: All Fours, Alternating, Single Leg Reverse Hamstring Extension All fours, alternating, single leg, reverse hamstring extension.
Day 6: Jump Rope Jump Rope. Stay on the balls of your feet throughout the exercise preventing yourself from bending the knees.
Day 6: Dumbbell Front Squat Dumbbell front squat. Feet shoulder width with the dumbbells resting on your shoulders. Toes pointed out slightly. Keep elbows tight and parallel to the floor. This will put emphasis on your core. Begin with 35 lb dumbbells.
Day 6: Dumbbell Side Lunge Dumbbell Side Lunge. Keep opposite arm behind back to help keep your core upright. Turn weight 90 degrees. Keep your body square. Begin with a 25 lb dumbbell.


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