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The Great Debates (The Kennedy - Nixon Debates of 1960)

Research done for a documentary pitch on the great debates.

Author Alan Schroeder discusses the impact of TV on the Presidential Debates Video of Author Alan Schroeder (Presidential Debates: Forty Years of High-Risk TV) briefly discussing the impact of the 1960 televised debates and the subsequent consequences that followed.
Nixon in the Hospital Video of VP Nixon in the hospital being visited by then President Eisenhower. This was just prior to the first of the 1960 debates and caused Nixon to show up to the debate underweight, underprepared, and sickly.
History Channel - This Day in History The History Channel takes a brief look at the First Kennedy-Nixon debate. This is good for a summary. The video starts discussing the impact of the debate at the 00:34 mark.
Two minutes of actual footage from the debate This footage is good because it shows the difference in appearance between Nixon and Kennedy. Also you can see how much more seamless Kennedy's response is - not necessarily in content, but in delivery.
The Museum of Broadcast Communications Summarizes the debates and examines they would forever change democracy in a television era.
AOL Video - Impacts of Presidential Debates The video examines the impact of Presidential debates with a specific focus on the Nixon-Kennedy debate in the beginning of the clip.
Time Magazine Article By Kayla Webley Great article by Kayla Webley on How the Nixon-Kennedy Debate Changed the World. Published Sept. 23, 2010.
Chris Mathews discussing the behind the scenes Video and text of Chris Mathews discussing the behind the scenes of the debate as both sides (Nixon and Kennedy) prepared for the debate.
Kennedy Elected ABC News archive video of Kennedy after he wins the 1960 election.
Kennedy 1960 Campaign Song YouTube Video of John F. Kennedy - Election campaign song 1960.
1960 Kennedy Campaign TV Ad (With Campaign Song) 1960 Kennedy Campaign TV Ad (With Campaign Song)
LIFE (JFK'S 1960 Campaign Photos) JFK’S 1960 CAMPAIGN: RARE PHOTOS (32 photos).
JFK Presidential Library and Museum Great Website on JFK for research, stock footage, and photos.
Wikipedia (1960 Campaign) Wikipedia page for the 1960 Campaign. Great summary of the whole campaign. Includes a small section on the debates.
Kennedy - Nixon Debates NPO with a focus on preserving official documents, photos, and footage.
C-SPAN Video - 50th Anniversary of the Kennedy Nixon Debate Video is a panel of journalists and Kennedy advisors. They reflect on the historic event and how presidential debates have changed over time.
Biograph Video On The Debates Has a focus on JFK. Pulls great footage of JFK campaigning.
Online Library (AtYourLibrary) Debates Can Turn the Tide of a Presidential Election - Good analysis of the lasting impact of the Great Debates.


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