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Creating the Ultimate Pitch Deck

Everything you need to know about creating the ultimate pitch deck!
This WebReel is an incredible collection of invaluable, curated resources, which will put you in the position to create the ultimate pitch deck for your business. A pitch deck is vital for telling your startup's story and potentially raising capital. This is the ultimate collection of pitch deck help resources and examples of successful pitch decks. This collection was curated by our expert entrepreneurs, who have 25-plus years combined experience with startups.
In this collection you will find incredible resources and templates to teach you how to build the ultimate pitch deck, followed by a collection of examples of incredibly successful pitch decks created by well known companies (YouTube, BuzzFeed, LinkedIn, and more).

This collection curates expert information from across the web, so you don't have to.

Let us know what you think and what we are missing. Enjoy!

Guy Kawasaki - The Only 10 Slides You Need in Your Pitch This is a great resource to start with. Guy Kawasaki has long been considered one of the leading experts on creating the ultimate pitch deck. This is a quick summary of the 10 slides he recommends for a pitch deck and some quick tips and tricks. According to Guy, a pitch and presentation should have ten slides, last no more than twenty minutes, and contain no font smaller than thirty points (His famous 10/20/30 Rule).
How to Pitch a VC: Dave McClure This a great slideshow created by Dave McClure. It lays out what Dave recommends for a pitch deck after his 25 years of experience with startups. Dave does a great job of mixing in humor with his expertise and he refers to his presentation as Startup Viagra.
Investor Pitch Deck Template.ppt This Powerpoint was created by CrowdFunder and is a great collection of what they recommend in a investor pitch deck. This deck also combines tips and trick throughout the presentation, like Kawasaki's 10/20/30 Rule. This is a great resources for anyone creating a pitch deck.
The Best Startup Investor Pitch Deck & How to Present to Angels & Ve… This slideshow discuss the best tips and tricks for creating the ultimate pitch presentation and pitching it to venture capitalist. This slideshow is a little more in-depth than the previous resources. It discusses things like what venture capitalist like to see, along with best ways to layout the pitch deck.
Buzzfeed investor deck (EXAMPLE DECK) This is the original Series A investor deck for Buzzfeed (2008). They raised $3.5M with this deck.
Foursquare's 1st Pitch Deck (EXAMPLE DECK) This is the first pitch deck FourSquare ever showed to investors (6 July 2009). They raised $1.35M with this deck.
Linkedin Series B Pitch Deck (EXAMPLE DECK) Reid Hoffman's pitch deck for LinkedIn Series B fund raising. They raised $10M with this deck.
Youtube pitch deck (EXAMPLE DECK) Youtube's pitch deck. They raised $3.5M with this deck.
Tinder Pitch Deck (EXAMPLE DECK) This is one of Tinder's really pitch decks... before they even called themselves Tinder.
Airbnb Pitch Deck (EXAMPLE DECK) AirBnb's original pitch deck from 2008. They closed a $600k seed round with this.


There is one comment in this webreel.


Vlad Khomutov posted on 12/14/2016 21:23

Awesome collection. 10 slides is my favourite template and also love how BuzzFeed just states the facts straight up

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