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PaleoHacks: The Top 25 Paleo Bloggers

Things My Belly Likes Where eating to live and living to eat are not mutually exclusive Where eating to live and living to eat are not mutually exclusive.
Paleo Parents - Blog This blog is written by Stacy and Matthew and talks about living a Paleo life with kids. Their before-and-after story is absolutely incredible and if your goal is to be inspired, you need to read their blog. They offer info on being Paleo, recipes, and more.
Following My Nose Blogger Patty Strilaeff gives great Paleo book reviews, posts recipes, and talks about living Paleo in general.
Cavemomma — Strong Healthy Parents Make Strong Healthy Kids Strong Healthy Parents Make Strong Healthy Kids.
Hunt Gather Love Melissa McEwen writes this blog about nutrition. Although she doesn’t follow a strict Paleo diet, her posts often cover subjects relevant to the topic.
The Paleo Periodical You’ll get Paleo research, news, commentary, info on fitness, and recipes here. You also get anecdotes about the writer’s experience living a Primal lifestyle in today’s world.
Primal Toad - A Toad's eye view on health Todd Dosenberry (Toad) decided to go Primal in 2010 and this blog is all about how to go about that. He covers recipes, musings on what it is to be Primal, and more.
The Paleo Diet Dr. Loren Cordain, Founder of the Paleo Diet Movement The Paleo Diet, the healthiest diet that mimics the diets of our caveman ancestors, includes meats, seafood, vegetables, fruits, and nuts. Dr. Loren Cordain.
The Primal Parent Pregnancy, Paleo, and Parenting This is a no-frills site with information by Peggy Emch on primal parenting, covering topics like attachment parenting, fertility, mental health, nutrition, pregnancy, and more.
Balanced Bites Run by Diane Sanfilippo, BS, NC, Charissa Talbot, and Liz Wolfe, BA, NTP, Balanced Bites is an absolutely amazing blog and podcast resource with shopping lists, nutritional info, fitness info, and more.
Whole Health Source This blog is written by Stephan Guyenet, a guy who works at the University of Washington doing research on obesity and the regulation of body fat by the brain. If you want a science-y resource on health and nutrition, check it out.
The Domestic Man Russ Crandall is the author of this website, and he talks about how the Paleo diet can make you more connected to nature. He offers a new recipe every Tuesday.
Nom Nom Paleo Recipes and more from the Paleo food blog named the Best Special Diets Food Blog of 2012 by Saveur Magazine!
The Food Lovers Kitchen This is written by Bill Staley and Hayley Mason, foodies who cover everything Paleo. This is a great Paleo recipe blog, so check it out.
Tony FED FED is written by Tony, just a regular guy who figured out that living a Paleo lifestyle turned his life around. He offers a collection of primal workouts and recipes as well as some great insight into the world of Paleo.
The Paleo Plan Run by Neely Quinn and Jason Glaspey, contributors include Max Shippee and Molly Pearl. The Paleo Plan is a great resource for recipes, fitness info (including CrossFit), and is all about making Paleo easier for you to follow. They offer a weekly meal plan subscription for those in need of help.
Perfect Health Diet - A diet for healing chronic disease, restoring youthful vitality, and achieving long life Is written by a husband and wife team, Paul Jaminet, Ph.D. and Shou-Ching Shih Jaminet, Ph.D. If you’re looking for tips on how to reduce disease, impaired health, and premature aging, then check out their amazing blog.
Rubies & Radishes (Formerly called 30 Days of Paleo) is a great site for people new to Paleo. It’swritten by Arsy and covers topics like travel, tips and tricks, recipes, lifestyle, and parenthood.
Evolutionary Psychology and Biology Applied to Health, Business, and Relationships Evolve your lifestyle with insights into health, business and relationships from evolutionary psychology and biology. Like the paleo diet, for your mind.
Everyday Paleo - Paleo Recipes and Lifestyle by Sarah Fragoso With a bunch of different contributing writers, this blog has a mixed flavor, which is an interesting take. You get stories about living the Paleo life and recipes (mostly from Sarah Fragoso) and how to make Paleo meals that are suitable for the whole family.
Primal Kitchen: A Family Grokumentary You’ll find info on CrossFit, recipes, and how to live a Primal lifestyle as a family. The greatest part about this blog is all of the lunches she has packed for her family. If you need inspiration on what to send with your primal/Paleo kids, then check it out.
Practical Paleo If you’re on a budget and want to live a Paleo lifestyle, read this blog. It’s put together by a married mother of two kids and strives to feed her family on a budget. You’ll get tips on how to spend less and still have a great menu.
Chris Kresser A practitioner of integrated medicine, as well as a licensed acupuncturist, ChrisKresser is also a font of knowledge when it comes to health and nutrition. His blog is meant to debunk those myths spread by the medical establishment and mainstream media outlets.
Robb Wolf His blog is about training and Paleo, with links to his famous podcast The Paleo Solution.


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